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Orthodontic Emergencies

We would like for our patients to be informed in recognizing problems, which may occur, and to understand how to solve them until it is convenient to return to our office.



Loose band or bracket

Keep band or bracket clean and please bring to your next appointment. (Try to save any part that has come completely loose)

Loose Wire

Try to replace the wire in the bracket or tube with tweezers. If this is not possible clip the wire with fingernail clippers behind the last tooth to which it is securely fastened. Call for an appointment at your convenience.


Attempt to push wire down with a pencil eraser. If this is not possible, cover with wax and call for an appointment at your convenience.

Lost tie-wire or elastic tie

This is not a real “emergency” but should be replaced whenever it is convenient to return to the office.


Some soreness may occur during orthodontic treatment. Warm salt water held in the mouth can reduce soreness. An analgesic of your choice will also reduce the soreness.

Accidents involving the teeth

If the injury is serious, call the office and we will see you as soon as possible. If the injury occurs after hours, call the office to make arrangements.

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