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Rubber Bands


Intraoral elastics, or “rubber bands”, are placed on the braces to fix your bite.  Your braces will straighten your top and bottom teeth, but cannot fix bite issues such as an “over-bite” or “under-bite”.  Sometimes it is not possible to adjust only the wires in order to cause the teeth to move, as they should.  Rubber bands are placed specifically to move teeth in a planned direction.  Wearing rubber bands as instructed will help you finish your orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.

If you should run out of rubber bands before your next appointment, stop by the Tulsa office during business hours to pick up more. If this is not convenient, please call 523-4999 and we will mail you more.


You will be given a special size of rubber bands to be placed as you have been shown in the office.  Attempt to place your own rubber bands before leaving the office in case you are confused about the wearing location of the bands.  Wearing rubber bands will make your teeth SORE as they cause the teeth to move.  Leave them in and the soreness will go away within a few days.  Wearing your rubber bands 22 hours per day will be necessary for tooth moving to occur unless you are specifically otherwise instructed.  Remove the rubber bands to eat and remember to replace them with new bands as soon as you are finished eating.  Be sure to replace the rubber bands 1-2 times per day because the elasticity is gradually lost.  NEVER switch sizes of rubber bands or wear more than you have been instructed to wear.  This could cause your teeth to move the wrong way and set back your orthodontic progress.  Remember, good rubber band wear is a major key to the removal of your braces.  It is up to you!

If a hook breaks or comes loose, call us immediately so we can fix the problem.  Waiting until your next appointment will delay treatment completion.

Our number one goal is to give you the best smile possible and shorten the time you must wear your braces.  Cooperation in wearing your rubber bands as instructed will help you and us achieve this goal! Remember… If your rubber bands are not in your mouth, your bite is not getting fixed!